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Veio de Inglaterra quando tinha 19 anos.

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But, in fact, the PPD leader was unable to avoid the platitudes of the day in this same press conference. Since the s, the Socialist leader had been establishing a network with the European Socialist and Social Democratic parties. Initially, Soares and his interlocutors were concerned primarily with resolving the colonial problem. The question of deepening relations with the EEC was relegated to a secondary position It was the logical development of a strategy that been defended since the opposition to Marcelism.

On the other hand, neither the MFA Programme nor that of the first two provisional governments defended closer ties with the Common Market. It was only seven months after the military coup that Lisbon presented proposals for the modification of some of the clauses in the free trade agreement and sought to improve the social rights of the Portuguese emigrants in the EEC countries Over these two years, Portugal went through a process of political, economic and social upheavals.

It was not an easy path however.

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Internally, there were profound divergences on the subject in PS, and, in a party spectrum in formation, PPD sought to affirm itself as the main pro-Europe party. The PS Congress in Lisbon in December is very revealing of the internal contradictions within the party. It was not a rejection of integration in the European project as such, but more a question of preparing for the struggle that the Portuguese economy would have to endure. Although revised at this meeting, it remained highly critical of the European construction process, described as a structure that guaranteed the worldwide domination of capitalism At the Congress, the group formed to fight the left wing headed by Manuel Serra defended prioritising the foreign policy of developing closer ties with Europe The defeat of the radical wing, the weak impact of the subsequent split, and stopping the desertion of a significant group of social democratic supporters who threatened to move over to PPD 23 are important aspects not only in the history of PS, but also in the democratic transition and the European option which was thereafter envisaged as a future possibility.

In this context, the European option would only have been considered by the parties in the centre and to the right of the political spectrum. Could this option have been successful under these circumstances?

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It is important to analyse how PS became the major Pro-European left wing party, despite the clear positioning defined in its programme and the constraints experienced during the PREC. The acceleration of the revolutionary dynamics that took place in the late summer of had a marked impact on PS. This was essentially the struggle waging at the Congress in December Over the following months, the breach with MDP, the trade union question, the controversy around the lack of pluralism in the media and the debates on the participation of the armed forces in the Constituent Assembly contributed to accentuating the deep rift separating communists and socialists on all these matters.

In light of this stance, PPD tried to assert itself as the main interlocutor of Social Democracy in Portugal and, thus, the European preference. CDS, on the other hand, rapidly became a part of the Christian democrat network. The revolutionary threat is thus the main cause for the transformation that took place in the Socialist Party, which abandoned the Third Worldist discourse and adopted a pro-European stance Despite the PS victory in the election for the Constituent Assembly, in May the revolutionary path gained new impetus and it became clear that only the moderate members of the armed forces on the Revolutionary Council could invert what seemed an overwhelming trend.

The PS leader addressed the main political and military power and used economic arguments to justify the need for deepening ties with Europe.

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In fact, these two sources of foreign currency originated mainly from Europe. According to the Secretary General of PS, if the strikes continued, the occupations and the purges, the country would soon be facing economic and financial collapse and the counter revolution would be the main beneficiary of such a context Addressing the crowds who were calling for the armed forces to have a stronger role in the political process, the head of the armed forces, Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho, referred to the National Anthem as the future National Anthem of the Socialist Republic of Portugal Following the Helsinki meeting, the European countries had to take the initiative.

These had already been overcome. The representatives of West Germany and the United Kingdom also agreed with the North American ambassador who defended that it was time to act but that it was the Europeans who should take the lead Following the meeting, a small work group was formed, made up of Palme, Brandt, Mitterrand and Callaghan, the aim of which was to channel financial aid to the Portuguese Socialists.

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Despite the apparent unanimity, there were some divergences among the European Socialists. For example, Harold Wilson and Mitterrand believed that the support plan for the Socialists should only be put into action once the political instability in Portugal had been overcome and a Communist dictatorship was no longer a possibility In this case, the position defended essentially by the Nordic countries prevailed, namely that it was necessary to act before the internal situation deteriorated seriously and a scheme was set in motion to allocate funds to the PS through a Swiss bank.

A different position was adopted, however, on financial aid for Portugal. Here, the pro-active position defended by the Swedes was in the minority and it was decided at the London meeting that they should follow the EEC position, that is, that financial aid would only be released once certain democratic requirements, such as the holding of free elections and the subsequent constitution of a government, had been met. The Socialist leader, who publicly defended that aid from Europe should be unconditional, agreed on this condition