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Develop pack leadership, remain firm in your training methods and reward your puppy for good behavior, and you'll have him trained in no time. Start training your Maltese puppy as soon as you take him home and establish yourself as the pack leader.

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Maltese puppies are adorable, but their cuteness often leads them to bad behavior. Maltese owners tend to treat their pups like babies, which results in the puppy doing whatever he wants without knowing rules or commands. As the puppy grows, he will keep this mentality and be much more difficult to train as an adult dog. Teach your puppy one- or two- word commands, such as, sit, stay, speak, come, down and so on.

How can I Potty Train My Maltese Puppy?

Puppies don't respond well to multiple word phrases or sentences. Give the puppy the command and help him complete the command at first if needed. If you want the puppy to sit, say, "Sit," then push his rear on the ground lightly and reward him with a treat.

Stay firm and consistent in your training. Never give your puppy a treat if he doesn't fully complete the command, but always reward him when he does.

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Maltese puppies are playful, and they love to impress people with their tricks, so work with your pup daily on the commands for mental stimulation and as a playtime for your puppy. Give treats as rewards until your Maltese is completing the command every time.

The Maltese is a very intelligent breed, and they catch on to positive reinforcement quickly. Once your pet responds perfectly to commands you use multiple times a day, start to wean away from giving him treats every time. Give him a treat three out of four times he responds correctly to the command. When you don't give him a treat, praise him verbally by telling him he did a good job and giving him affection.

Slowly move the food up. This motion should cause him to follow the food with his nose until he has to sit if he wants to keep watching the cookie. Step 3 — Once he is seated, praise him immediately and reward him with the food.


Continue to repeat this process, rewarding him each time he sits until he is sitting as soon as he sees your hand move. End the lesson and take a substantial break Note: a lesson should never be longer than 10 minutes, regardless of the progress he has made.

Day 1 Puppy House Training

Step 4 — When you begin the next session, you will still need to use the treats to assist you. However, this time you will implement a verbal command. How to train maltese successfully with a word instruction is simply a matter of saying the word at the right time. Continue this process until he is sitting as soon as he hears the instruction then break. Step 5 — When you begin the third session, your goals is to have your companion sit as soon as you command him to. At this point you will no longer be using treats as a lure.

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When he sits, always praise him but only give him food rewards randomly so it does not become an expectation. Step 6 — The final step for how to train maltese the sit command is to expose him to different environments that have various distractions and see how well he listens to you and how much he understands.

Training Your Maltese - The Sensible Way

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