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Products of this store will be shipped directly from Hong Kong to your country. Products of this store will be shipped directly from Kuwait to your country. Qatar Change Country. The truths of what those prophets wrote were not revealed to those prophets, such as Ezekiel. Millennial Sacrifices

They testified of the sufferings of Christ. This means we can read Ezekiel and understand all that the sacrifice of Christ accomplished. The various sacrifices Ezekiel foretold were types and symbolic pictures of what Christ accomplished for the church. By looking at what sin offerings were instituted for in the Old Testament, whether Ice believes Mosaic Law will be reinstated or not, we can learn exactly what the cross of Jesus did for us, for those sacrifices were types and shadows of Christ's accomplishments on the cross.

Christ did not only die for sin, but for atonement. He also died for our victory over the works of the flesh, according to Galatians His single sacrifice was not fulfillment of only one of the Old Testament sacrifices, but for all of them! That same concept is what we are intended to understand when we read of all the various sacrifices Ezekiel foretold would occur in his future, as fulfilled in Christ.

This was stated by Ice in his assumption that Jesus will literally rule in a physical kingdom, when Jesus said that is impossible by referring to the Kingdom as something that cannot be seen. His answer was, "The Kingdom of God does not come in such a way as to be seen. Although detailed instructions concerning the institution of the sacrificial system appear for the first time in these chapters, frequent references to the practice have been made since the beginning of the prophecy , ; ; For example, there is a statement concerning the sacrificial system in every chapter but one chapter Since the sacrifices and sacrificial personnel are so prominent throughout these chapters, the treatment of the sacrifices cannot be avoided.

It is hard to believe such writers actually think such things as i quoted above in light of the fact that offerings for sin and atonement cannot occur after Christ's offering for sin and atonement as stated in the book of Hebrews. The details of sacrifices and priests are prominent in Ezekiel's writings because there is much rich symbolism to be understood in explaining the work of the cross and Jesus Christ's sacrifice than lack of mention of them would afford, whether these short-sighted men can correctly deduce what they are or not.

Again, Hebrews 10 clearly stated that sacrifices would only continue to be carried out for sin if the consciences were not purged, and if the offerers were not perfected. Since Hebrews reads that Christ's offering forevermore perfected those who are sanctified, then sacrifices for sin ceased. Hebrews KJV But in those sacrifices there is a remembrance again made of sins every year.

Hebrews KJV This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days, saith the Lord, I will put my laws into their hearts, and in their minds will I write them; 17 And their sins and iniquities will I remember no more. Ezekiel KJV And seven days of the feast he shall prepare a burnt offering to the LORD, seven bullocks and seven rams without blemish daily the seven days; and a kid of the goats daily for a sin offering.

It is also blatantly false to say Israel will once again be God's mediatory people. Israel has cut themselves off from the promises of God by violating the requirements laid out in those promises. Those promises are not unconditional. I will actually post a lot of writing about this specific truth later in days to come, as I am currently studying that aspect.

The Third Temple | Jews | Lamb and Lion Ministries

The fact that the covenant for the church's existence is not faulty, since only faulty covenants require additional ones later Heb , means that everything Ice said about this additional temple that belongs to another covenant is patently false. This is evidence of Ice's lack of understanding of biblical imagery and context.

One has to make things up as one goes along, in order to make the literalist picture work, although the Bible does not explicitly state such things will literally occur. Notice that none of the New Testament writers plainly taught anything about a literal reinstitution of animal sacrifices and physical temple.

Such ideas have to be contrived from prophecies that do not state these things shall be literal, themselves. One has to actually add to what the New testament writers taught as doctrine in order to accept this literalist interpretation of prophecy. Ezekiel 47 reads of a river flowing from the temple, where trees exist on either side of the river whose leaves give healing and fruit is for food. Revelation 22 shows the exact same river with the same trees on either side of the river whose leaves give healing and fruit is for food.

But the river is flowing from the throne of God and the Lamb in revelation, and not a temple as in Ezekiel. Why the discrepancy? Its it because Ezekiel's temple river and trees are a totally different set of trees and river than John's in Rev 22? Ezekiel was shown his picture of the temple because the prophets did not know that the sacrifice of Jesus, represented by the Lamb that John the Baptist referred to as Christ, would fulfill all their symbolic types and shadows that dealt with sin.

They new a Messiah would come, but they did not know the details of how Christ would actually carry out atonement. This shows us the same reason why Ezekiel was shown a temple and priests and sin offerings. Millennial Sacrifices

We are distinctly told that the tabernacle of Moses was a grand type full of symbolic truths that point to the work of Jesus Christ in Hebrews 9. Hebrews 9 only mentions some of the types, and Hebrews speaks of more elsewhere in its writings. So whether details are provided or not, those details prove to be types of Christ.

There were details of the most holy place, which Hebrews 9 explains represented Christ's work in the true temple of heaven. So details do not mean there is no type or shadow to be had for understanding Christ as Ice implies. Ice said the symbols were not explained by Ezekiel, but overlooks the fact that they not explained in Exodus concerning the most holy place, but we know they are symbolic due to New Testament teachings. Does the New Testament's silence on other details of the tabernacle of Moses imply that these other details are not symbolic?

Who would say so?

The textual basis for a non-literal interpretation is the doctrinal facts stated in Hebrews 10 regarding need for continued sacrifices for sin. And Hebrews 10 forbids further need since a sacrifice was offered that perfects the comers thereunto, and that was the sacrifice of Christ! Ice gets quite ridiculous at this point. He implied Moses lied and God lied when sacrifices were offered for "atonement", by saying they actually did not atone for sins.

Meanwhile Ice stated in this article that Ezekiel's reference to these events means they must occur since they are in God's Word. What about applying the same veracity for something mentioned in God's Word about OT offerings for atonement? After all, the bible said those sacrifices were for atonement.

Was God lying? Did not Moses believe they were for atonement as Ice claims Ezekiel believed actual animals were to be offered according to his prophecy? What else can he have implied other than saying Moses lied about the atonement in those sacrifices? Ice does not say.

Those people who lived under Law in Moses' day had faith in the atonement that represented Christ's true atonement, and was counted for them for atonement as though they had faith in Chris as we do, when Christ actually made atonement. They did not receive full atonement in their day, of course. But their offerings for atonement still were efficacious by their effects of atonement being put ON HOLD, so to speak, until their antitype, Jesus Christ's sacrifice, actually occurred.

Four Holy Temples in the Bible – All Literal

In this manner alone, God and Moses are not made to be liars in saying those animal sacrifices were for atonement. Since Christ's sacrifice did the job, and since those sacrifices of old were clearly stated to be for ATONEMENT, then my explanation above is the only one I can conceive that makes more sense of this biblical picture. This study suggests that animal sacrifices during the millennium will serve primarily to remove ceremonial uncleanness and prevent defilement from polluting the temple envisioned by Ezekiel.

This will be necessary because the glorious presence of Yahweh will once again be dwelling on earth in the midst of a sinful and unclean people.