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Demystifying China: Understanding China's Maritime Territorial Claim to the The PRC and Taiwan base their claims on China's historical.

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Tamsin By Peter S. Beagle By Peter S. Beagle Best Seller. Paperback —. Add to Cart.

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Read it Forward Read it first. The story is beautifully written and told from the perspective of a year-old girl who moves with her parents from Manhattan to a sprawling farm house in England. The house is haunted and inhabited by a ghost named Tamsin, who died more than years ago. Jenny learns a lot about Tamsin and about the period of time she lived in.

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The story contains interesting historical snippets about the Bloody Assizes of , the brutal and merciless Chief Justice Jeffries of Wem, the Monmouth Rebellion ag The story is beautifully written and told from the perspective of a year-old girl who moves with her parents from Manhattan to a sprawling farm house in England. A magical, wild and delightful story! Jan 12, Lis Carey rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction , f-sf , favorites. I remember being an adolescent girl. That seems normal enough, because I was one for several years. It's a bit scarier that Peter Beagle seems to remember being an adolescent girl.

Jenny Gluckstein is thirteen years old, and living with her divorced mother, a music teacher in New York, and visiting regularly with her father, an opera singer. She's a bit of a misfit at school, which most adolescents are, but she has two friends she spends a lot of time with, and she has a cat, Mister Cat. And then I remember being an adolescent girl. And then her mother announces she's marrying her boyfriend, Evan McHugh, and that she and Jenny are moving to England with him.

She'll be leaving her friends, her life, and Mister Cat will spend six months in quarantine. But her new stepbrothers, Tony and Julian, aren't too bad. Also, at least she'll be living in London, and she'll like London. Except that Evan gets a new job, managing a farm in Dorset. And the house they'll be living in turns out to be barely habitable. Jenny's a real pill through all this, and she knows it, and it's mostly intentional.

She does eventually meet a girl at school, Meena Chari, whose efforts at friendship she cannot defeat, and eventually the six months are over and she gets Mister Cat back, and things get a little better. The house is haunted, of course. There are lots of hints, but eventually Mister Cat brings Jenny proof, in the form of his new girlfriend, a ghost Persian. Tamsin has been dead for three hundred years, having died around the time of the Bloody Assizes, in She needs to move on, she should have moved on long ago, but there's something she needs to do first, and she can't remember what it is.

It begins to seem that perhaps she doesn't really want to remember what it is. Jenny gradually realizes that, as much as she wants Tamsin to stick around, her continued presence is causing strange problems around Stourhead, and things need to be set right.

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Over the next couple of years, she meets a Pooka, the billy-blind, the Black Dog , the Old Lady of the Elder Tree, and assorted other unusual beings--along with just about the most terrifying ghost I've encountered. Oh, and the Wild Hunt, too. It's a very good book, even if in some ways the most peculiar part of it is being that convincingly back inside my own adolescent head again.

View 2 comments. Jan 13, Nancy rated it it was amazing. Sometimes I forget about Peter Beagle, because I don't actually read that much fantasy. He wrote, of course, the fantasy classic "The Last Unicorn," which is a completely lovely book. But Tamsin is genius. It's written from the point of view of a 13 year old girl from New York, Jenny, who has to move to Dorset when her mother remarries. The old farmhouse turns out to be haunted by the gentle ghost of young Tamsin, who died During the Monmouth Rebellion.

Captain Blood readers take note: wicked Judge Jeffries is a major character This is a beautiful book. I believe if I went to Dorset, I would recognize this farm How a sixty or is it seventy? And the relationship between Tamsin and Jenny is so touching that every time I read this book, I cry. Here's a little footnote: I bought this book to stick in my daughter Anna's stocking one Christmas, but thought I ought to read a chapter first, to make sure it was readable.

Four hours later I finished the book and headed back to the bookstore to buy three more copies - one for each of the daughters. I kept the first one.

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Nov 10, J. Aleksandr Wootton rated it it was amazing Shelves: best-of. I first knew Peter S. Beagle when I was eight or nine years old, as the writer of an excellent little introduction to The Lord of the Rings called Tolkien's Magic Ring. He is probably to blame for my habit of actually reading forewords and prologues; many are rough, but occasionally you find a gem. Despite the cult success of The Last Unicorn , Peter remains an under-recognized writer. He writes books that change you; his craft is excellent.

So far I've found in each an original story, well-told. When you read him, you won't be dogged by the feeling that his story has strung together the echoes of other stories you already know; when you guess the secrets of Peter's plot, it's because he's foreshadowed them well - not because you've seen this one play itself out before in other guises. Which means his stories are just as unborrowable as they are unborrowed - original enough to give even imitators pause.

And by "well-told", I mean that Peter conveys each story with a voice as convincingly native to it as the best character actor in a good movie. Even when, as in Tamsin , the narrator is as foreign to Peter himself as a nineteen-year-old Cambridge student writing her own memoirs, beginning with her relocation six years before from New York City to a rundown old farm in Dorset because her divorced mother got re-married, straight through to the unexpectedly epic showdown she inadvertently triggers between ghosts from the Bloody Assizes and the older powers that still prowl the English countryside.

Read Peter S. He's well worth it. Dec 03, Margaret rated it it was amazing Shelves: read , favorites , fantasy-and-science-fiction , read , ghost-stories , authors-ab , read.

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