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Demystifying China: Understanding China's Maritime Territorial Claim to the The PRC and Taiwan base their claims on China's historical.

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Find real factory. Autumn and winter elastic twisted rib knitting thickening multicolour knitted cotton line step foot socks pantyhose socks. Hand-knitted Woolen Socks. Double layer knitted furniture leg set coffee table socks small flower chair booties stool socks furniture pads 4 25g. When I finished I took time to reflect on the support I had received from my friends and family and also from my community. I feel fortunate to have grown up in Oregon and to make my home in Portland.

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I love living here. The environment, the people, and yes, even the rain--it all feels like home to me. I wanted to give back in some way that would benefit the community that helps nurture my creativity and I wanted to reconnect with people outside of the art school campus. While pondering possibilities, I thumbed through a copy of One More Skein , the book I finished writing during my first semester back in school. I stopped when I reached the Albers Stash Blanket. I designed this project to celebrate my love of color and my desire to artfully use leftover yarn in my stash.

I knew that this project could easily be worked on by a group of knitters--the perfect way to reconnect and give back, and it was right under my nose! Lantern Moon generously donated knitting needles so that I could start multiple panels and then hand them off to other knitters to complete. I love that this was a joint effort—a community of those who love to knit working together to create something for others.

As the deadline approached, I found myself lurking around my mailbox each day to see if a new panel might arrive. The Albers Stash Blanket is a simple project and versatile enough to incorporate into my daily routine. I brought panels with me to meetings and social events.

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As I worked a panel, I eagerly anticipated choosing the next color. Sometimes I found myself knitting faster so I could get to it. I began this project thinking I was the one giving a gift. In truth, I feel like I have received one. This project created an opportunity for me to spend time with friends, old and new, and to learn more about three local nonprofits and how I can participate in them in a positive way going forward. I continue to find inspiration within my Portland community and ask that you think about how you might use your time and talent to connect with others in your community as you reach for your knitting needles to work another row of stitches.

Above: Leigh puts finishing touches on the four blankets donated by the community. The second-ever Sock Summit was held in my home town of Portland, Oregon, last week, and it was the most joyful gathering of knitters I've ever seen. From flash mobs to fleeces, the convention center was overflowing with creativity and stuff. A huge marketplace showcased a world of gorgeous hand-dyed yarns from the tiniest dye company to Blue Moon Fiber Arts itself.

The book features family stories, and even baby pictures, from 17 top designers. The book honors the people who made us the crafters we are today.

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Looking around at the 6, summiteers, I figured that amounted to at least 6, inspiring teachers and mentors. I managed to capture the names of about a hundred of them, by asking knitters to hold up signs. The assignment: Write down who taught you to knit or who inspired you. Then smile big for the camera. So many people joined in, from the famous to the amazingly anonymous, it was impossible to get all their names.

You can see her in the center of the mosaic. The photos are now on Flickr and Facebook , where more are joining them each day. Knitters from all over the world are adding their own. Please get out some paper and a Magic Marker and take your photo and the photos of your friends.

Knitted Socks East and West : 30 Designs Inspired by Japanese Stitch Patterns

There were 6, knitters at the Sock Summit. There must be at least ten times that number who have a special person to honor, right? Show us! See the project on Flickr. And on Facebook.

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Like many crafters, she finds inspiration in her everyday surroundings. The idea to knit chicken egg warmers was hatched during one of her visits to Fae Ridge , a nearby fiber farm beloved by local yarn enthusiasts. Of all the projects in her book, Michelle's chicken egg warmers might be the gosh-darn cutest. Boldly colored, with bright eyes and tiny beaks, these wooly birds make for playful guests at any breakfast table.

And elsewhere. We looked at a lot of cover variations before we chose a design for Quilting for Peace by Katherine Bell. We knew we wanted the cover of this book to be related to the cover to the first book in the series Knitting for Peace , but didn't feel like it needed to be identical. More than anything else, we wanted the cover to catch people's attention so that they would pick it up, and then feel inspired to quilt for good causes.

The cover above a runner-up features the Sawtooth Star Quilt, designed according to the guidelines of Quilts of Valor , an organization devoted to making quilts for veterans. This is the cover we chose. To see a few interior pages of this book, click on the book cover in the right margin. To celebrate the publication of Quilting for Peace by Katherine Bell and to, hopefully, help to spread some goodness, we are happy to be launching our new Quilting for Peace Campaign.

To find out all about it, click on our Quilting for Peace widget at left. Whether you're new to quilting or an experienced quilter or don't quilt at all yet but are curious, please check it out. I'm sure you've all heard by now you who are knitters, crocheters, sock fetishists, or merely curious Portlanders wondering who the heck was cramming up the Voodoo Donuts line the sighs and fond reminiscing about the first-ever Sock Summit in Portland, Oregon, the weekend before last.

Even while vacationing, way up in the mountains on Peak 7, the following week, I heard the reverberations of that once-fabled Sock Summt, where socks from far and wide came to mix and mingle, share deep thoughts, and seek beautiful new patterns. Oh, who am I kidding? It was all about the donuts for some knitters.

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Let's contemplate the maple bacon donut But nevermind the donuts, no full Sock Summit day could've been started without a deliciously smooth cup of Portland's finest brew, and so I started out my mornings religiously at the counter of Red Square Cafe. Thanks to our amply stocked supply closet back at the office, I also left them with a few packages of our Greetings from Knit Cafe coffee sleeves. I got around to a few other hip spots as well Mmm, now that we're fueled to the max on virtual sugar and coffee, let's have a look at some of the beautiful booths and booth people who helped us sell our STC Craft creations: the brand-new Knitted Socks East and West by Judy Sumner displayed with samples of the socks , which folks just loved!

Thanks to the wonderful Sandy Kay of Knit Purl John way back there selling! Dawn and pal of Fiber Rhythm Craft and Design Our books and authors got out to the knitting shops around town as well. Next highlight of the night Around 80 people! Judy was a natural on the stage! Inciting laughter, curiosity, and even sympathetic awww's when she talked about having to reknit some socks because of color issues. Of course, the crowd also loved looking at the socks from the book closeup.

By the time the authors finally finished with the line and signing the massive amount of stock piled up for them , it was nearly time for bed Now, I really didn't know much about Barbara Walker before this trip I'm pretty new to knitting , so I just sort of expected to be sitting there politely, trying to stay awake while knitting my first sock ever.

But seriously! This woman is hilarious and super-engaging, and she's done everything! Modern dance!

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Square dance! Feminist writings! Tarot card designs! Well inspired, Judy and I headed off to Knit Purl once again, for Judy's Japanese sock technique classes, where everyone had a blast! After such a busy two days, it was back to the hotel for Judy, who was finally feeling the effects of nonstop hobnobbing!