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The Academic Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship explores developments and extends research into management of innovation and company start-ups. The research focus lies on empirical investigation of innovation and start-up processes. He currently teaches on the undergraduate, graduate, and executive programs at TUM School of Management and furthermore offers courses to students of other departments, such as Informatics.

In this context, he particularly focuses on the role of open and distributed innovation processes and networks, topics which are of high interest and relevance to academics and practitioners alike. The insights we develop will help start-ups organize better, and shed new light on the path-dependent processes by which firms are shaped. Together with partners from Imperial College and the University of Bath, we seek to understand better how firms can successfully innovate together with agents and entities outside the firm.

In doing so, we want to improve our understanding of why, when, and how firms can successfully engage in more open and distributed forms of innovation. Ann has earned law degrees in both Germany and the U. On a regular basis, Prof. Ann teaches at universities abroad; in the U. In Britain and the U. Her papers were published in internationally leading entrepreneurship journals.

He received a degree in physics from the University of Bonn, a Ph. He is regularly invited to give research seminars at international universities and business schools.

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In his research, Joachim Henkel studies how firms balance open and proprietary approaches in their efforts to profit from innovation. Specifically, his topics comprise open innovation, user innovation, markets for technology, modularity, patent management, patent infringements, and profiting from innovation. Three of his former doctoral and habilitation students hold faculty positions at German universities. Specifically, this research studies the acquisition of young technology firms by incumbents and the stability of the market for IP cores in the semiconductor industry.

What is the probability that a randomly selected patent, if challenged in court, would be invalidated? This question is of high relevance both to patent holders as to potential challengers.

Joachim Henkel and Hans Zischka a former doctoral student at TUM address it using interviews, a survey, and an econometric analysis of German court decisions. Milanov conducts research at the nexus of the literatures in entrepreneurship, international business and social networks. Her interests lie in understanding the evolution of alliances and networks and their role in firm internationalization, opportunity exploitation and firm performance.

Her research has been published in leading international academic journals, such as the Strategic Management Journal, the Journal of Business Venturing, and the Academy of Management Perspectives. She enjoys interactive teaching and as a supporter of experiential and action-learning, has actively developed teaching materials and contributed to teaching conferences. He completed his doctoral studies in Entrepreneurship at the University of Bamberg, Germany, and his doctoral studies in Biosciences at the University of Heidelberg, Germany.

In his research Prof. Patzelt draws on perspectives from psychology, business strategy, and organization theory.

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His interests include entrepreneurial decision making and opportunity recognition, strategy of young ventures, managing entrepreneurial projects in large firms, and entrepreneurial failure. His research has been published in leading international academic journals of both social sciences, such as the Academy of Management Journal, the Journal of Management, the Journal of Business Venturing, and Entrepreneurship: His research interests include innovation policy and strategy; regional innovation cultures; the global circulation of innovation models; responsible innovation; science and innovation in international settings; scientific and technological capacity-building; complex socio-technical transformations; and responsible innovation.

He has served as consultant on innovation policy to various regional and national governments, as well as internal consultant for the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development in Paris, France. He holds an S. He enjoys teaching graduate level classes in science and technology policy and STS, and time permitting playing the violin in various ensembles. SCALINGS studies the unique uses and results of co-creation innovation instruments in two technology domains robotics, urban energy across 10 countries with regard to transferability and scalability to inform policy strategies in Europe and beyond.

In this DFG-funded project, Prof. Pfotenhauer and his team investigate how 5 German city-regions reinvent themselves through innovation strategies and reconcile innovation imperatives with socio-political factors and local identity. Responsible Innovation in Transnational Settings: We study cases from energy transitions, mobility, and robotics. The Future of Mobility: This project explores visions of disruptive changes in transportation — including electrification, autonomous driving, car-sharing, and a post-car societies — through past and present sociotechnical imaginaries.

Together with researchers and companies from the Netherlands, Belgium, and the UK, this project studies citizen engagement in food innovation specifically indoor vertical farming for healthy and sustainable food cultures. After her doctoral studies, she worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Harvard Kennedy School. She has further been a guest researcher at the University of Colorado at Boulder and the University of Cambridge.

Her main focus is on understanding how political incentives affect the innovation and entrepreneurial activities of firms, especially in the context of clean energy and transportation technologies. Her research has been published in international academic journals such as the Journal of Product Innovation Management or Energy Policy. Entrepreneurship is an emerging and important research field in business, economics, and psychology. The goal of the Entre-preneurship Research Institute is to help develop this field and improve our understanding of entrepreneurial individuals and or-ganizations.

Its primary interest is in the empirical investigation of attitudes, motivation and behavior amongst employees, manage-ment, customers, and consumers. He studied Business Administration at the University of Mannheim Germany and obtained his doctoral degree and habilitation from the University of St. His primary research interest is entrepreneurship in the context of sustainable development. In terms of methodology, he is interested in qualitative research, more specifically case study research. His research has been published in international journals like Business Strategy and the Environment.

For further information see www. Bitsch conducts research in the fields of agricultural economics and agribusiness management. In her research, she prefers working with qualitative approaches, where she also contributes to methodological development and the doctoral certificate program Agricultural Economics on the national level in Germany.

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Bitsch studied horticultural sciences at Leibniz University of Hannover. For her doctorate, she analyzed performance ratios in horticulture. After her doctoral degree, she researched management skills, strategic management, and management of personnel, including job satisfaction and motivation at Leibniz University Hannover.

Her research and book on qualitative research in applied economics made an essential contribution to the further development the methodology discussion in this field. In , she was awarded tenure and promotion to Associate Professor there.

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Her roles involved research, teaching, and extension mainly in the area of human resource management in agriculture. Her extension and outreach program received a prestigious national award in the U. Alternative food networks are a reaction to criticisms of conventional food systems. A grounded theory approach is used to examine the importance of solidarity in these networks as well as the networks themselves.

Projects investigated include community supported agriculture projects as well as the association of CSAs in Germany, cooperative groceries, and urban agriculture projects.

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Development of the second pillar of the Common Agricultural Policy CAP after to facilitate generational change and farm succession. This study funded by the Edmund Rehwinkel Stiftung of the Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank aims to describe and assess the state of knowledge and discussion on generational change and succession in the agricultural sector in Germany. Furthermore, recommendations for the further development of the second pillar of the CAP after are provided to successfully support the generation change and to secure farm succession.

The study funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry focuses on updating the statistical data on the vegetable sector in Bavaria. An analysis of the production values and the value added by the whole sector including upstream and downstream value chain levels shows the economic importance of producing and marketing of vegetables in Bavaria.

Additionally, qualitative in-depth case studies analyse structures and dynamic developments in selected major production regions. His research interests include customer empowerment and integration, process and production innovation, and consumer response to novel marketing strategies and tactics. His research has appeared in premier marketing and management journals such as the Journal of Marketing and Management Science, and received prestigious awards including the Thomas P.

Professor Fuchs serves on the editorial review boards of the International Journal of Research in Marketing and the Journal of Product Innovation Management and regularly serves as reviewer for other leading journals including the Journal of Marketing, the Journal of Marketing Research, and Journal of Consumer Research.

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Professor Fuchs has collaborated with several large- and small-scale firms across a variety of industries. The Power of Personal: Since the time of the industrial revolution, technology has improved the well-being of both producers and consumers. However, this has come at the cost of a distancing between consumers and producers and between consumers and production in general. This research program investigates the effects of reducing this distance e.

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He was a visiting professor at Duke University, Fuqua School of Business, Bucerius Law School, and Florida International University and has been invited for keynotes and guest speeches by multiple international universities and institutions. Professor Hutzschenreuter is board member of the Offshoring Research Network, a global research community. Professor Hutzschenreuter has extensive experience in designing strategies and governance structures.