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One of the anti-Semitic fabrications in the children's book Der Giftpilz was the claim that the Talmud described farming as the most lowly of occupations. During the Nazi period in Germany, one of the charges put forward against certain works of art was that "Art must not be isolated from blood and soil. In art of the Third Reich , both landscape paintings and figures reflected blood-and-soil ideology.

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The acceptance of this art by the peasant family was also regarded as an important element. Other Blut und Boden films likewise stressed the commonality of Germanness and the countryside.

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An Investigation of Global Policy with the Yamato Race as Nucleus made extensive use of the term, usually in quotation marks, and showing an extensive debt to the Nazi usage. North American white supremacists , white nationalists , Neo-Nazis and members of the alt-right have adopted the slogan. It gained widespread public prominence as a result of the August Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia , when participants carrying torches marched on the University of Virginia campus on the night of 11 August and were recorded chanting the slogan, among others.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nazi slogan. For the book by Ben Kiernan , see Blood and Soil book.

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Racial ideology. Final Solution. Nazism outside of Germany. Related topics.


Main article: Lebensraum. War, Agriculture, and Food: Rural Europe from the s to the s. Archived from the original on 18 October Retrieved 4 May The Quarterly Journal of Economics. Archived from the original on 10 April Tauris Publishers, , Archived from the original on Retrieved Archived from the original on 26 August Retrieved 26 August USA Today. Retrieved 28 February The Tennessean.

Kaiserzeitliche: Christoph Markschies often uses this word in Kaiserzeitliche christliche Theologie und ihre Institutionen. In the times of the Emperors would also be possible. Kloster: monastery is my typical translation; I think cloister is a false friend here, at least to a certain extent. Kola: the correct translation seems to be cola. Knotenpunkt: not sure what is best. What is meant is that several threads are here in one point and after that they diverge again.

Unclear how much the aspect is still present that something —e.

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Lehm: not sure if the correct translation is loam or clay. It would seem that loam would be correct, with the rationale that Lehm is a mixture of sand and clay Ton. Mittel and cognates : see German is Easy. Nachklappend: Not sure what this word means. For example, noch lange nicht means not for a long time.

In order to retain the connection with Norm, the link to the Latin e. Not: none of the options in Dict. Thanks to Christoph Heilig for sharpening my understanding of these words. Hard to translate: shaping, imprinting, background, stamp, perspective — nothing really works. Wolter, das Lukasevangelium, aus der punktuellen Situation. Wolter : degree of compression might be better than compression intensity or intensity of compression as a translation for this difficult term. Recht geben: affirm or admit someone is right here.

Recht behalten: to be proved right see here. Hard to say if an attempt should be made to retain this in translation. In some cases, rescue or deliverance could work for Rettung, but salvation is often better. Sachebene cf. Sammelbecken: I have struggled to find a good solution for this Vorzugswort of Michael Wolter.

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Sattelfest: see here. Scheltwort: it seems that various solutions have been adopted for the translation of this technical term, e. Schicht en : I often translate this word, on its own Schichten or in compounds e. Schlechthin: this word can have many meanings e. Unfortunately, it is pretty much impossible to translate this phrase. Perhaps it would be better to adopt a paraphrase and say something like, as is already shown by the fact that…. Schweigegebote — lots of possibilities for this technical term.

Sending claim is not great, of course. Might convey that the words contradict current views and thus sting. It is probably best to retain this term and include an English gloss in parentheses. Sticheleien , which can even occur among friends. Stichen: not sure how to render this, but stichoi might work.

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Stichwortgeber: not sure how to translate this. Symbouleutisch: it seems that this word, used by Wolter, can be translated with symbouleutic. Topik: not sure here. I have used topoi, but topics is perhaps better. See further here and here as potential background for the use of this term. In the past, I have sometimes translated the two terms with deed and consequence deed-consequence-connection , whereas it has sometimes seemed preferable to translate Ergehen alone as experience or fate.

In general might work but it does not really convey the heightening dimension. So I sometimes go with the other options if they seem appropriate. But I have now decided that it is probably necessary to coin a new English word to do it justice, namely unsalvation. But each of these translations is probably too narrow.

I am happy to see that a few others have also come to this conclusion search on google books for unsalvation. Thanks to Simon Gathercole for alerting me to this fact. I think I have translated this word incorrectly in the past e.

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Unter der Hand: not sure how to best capture the force of this phrase. Unterschenkel: lower leg or shank. Mit etw. Such as in the case of binding two books together with a cord. So the focus is on the process, not the result. But this word sometimes creates problems for me. But it can also mean acute or urgent. I considered retaining this German word in English translation.