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The eraser gives a writer the ability to create mistakes with no expense. An outlet for mistakes to become normalized would lead to a slippery slope in many disciplines, leading to experiments with illogical conclusions that tried to follow the confusing trials of fixed mistakes through time.

an eraser is not a time machine

To take this claim a step further, the eraser actually hinders humanity from perfection. If one can only take a math test in a black sharpie, the individual would thoroughly study to understand the material, thus possibly rising test scores and the pursuits of perfection. Practice makes perfect. Practice would include committing to the trial until a mistake occurs. Once the mistake occurs, the trial is terminated. This meticulous practice technique would surely create more observed and precise students and scientists.

For artistry, an eraser is an avenue for unnatural forms.

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I would debate true artistry comes from inherent creativity, and a perceived flaw is actually an outlet for further artistic expression. Art cannot create objective perfection, only subjective. If subjective events yield undesirable circumstances, the artist would truly become more creative if the "mistake" is permanent. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. Google Search. Post Your Opinion. Create New Poll. Sign In Sign Up.

Questions about Colored Pencil Sharpeners and Erasers

Add a New Topic. Is the eraser an important invention? The eraser is just as important as the pencil itself Report Post. Like Reply. Maximum words. The eraser supports mistakes and imperfection while hindering humanity. Related Opinions Is Andy Warhol overrated? Husband Wife Relationship Problem. Is Andy Warhol's work really art? This was very helpful. Your comment on sharpening a regular pencil to remove the wax was also helpful. Thanks for your input.

Look on eBay. There are vintage sharpeners available almost all the time.

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As you know, I work colored pencil almost exclusively on stretched canvas these days which sometimes takes and allows a bit more aggressive approach to removing color. One of the requirements for erasers on this surface is the need and ability to sometimes reconstruct entire portions of a drawing — kind of like one is able to do when working in oils on canvas.

The erasers you described all work very well on canvas. All three of these can be shaped as you described, with a craft blade or with an emery board for even finer work.

Lessons from an Eraser — Windrose Magazine

The best thing about white erasers for use on canvas is if dipped in clean water they can be used to remove ALL color down to the original white surface without affecting the tooth or any other aspect of the original ground. This allows rework of areas from tiny to even reconstruction of much larger areas should the artist have an intuitive flash of inspiration or more likely a serious ooops! Another useful eraser for taking color off canvas is the Mr.

Clean Original Magic Eraser used either wet or dry, cut to shape as needed. Good for kichen sinks perhaps but not so much for CP. Thank you for the extensive information on the erasers you use. I have heard a lot about the Tombow erasers, especially the Tombow mono, which was recommended by a student a couple of years ago. I need to put those on my supply list for the next art run. I really like the surface of canvas, but have yet to try colored pencil on it. Good article, and I wish I could have read it before I went through that learning curve, as I now have quite the store of sharpeners and erasers!

For larger colored pencil barrels like Luminance, I just use a Kum manual. As for erasers, my favorite is the electric. Lots of erasers , including the click-types and kneaded, work great for graphite work. Thanks for taking the time to continually share your knowledge. I think we all have to go through a certain amount of trial-and-error learning. My dad was a draftsman, and I learned from him the practice of shaving the wood with a knife and fine-pointing with sandpaper.

He felt manual and electric sharpeners were wasteful of the core. I use an electric to remove bulk wood from a new, unsharpened casing and one of those two-hole Prismacolor handhelds The one that looks like a little tower to finish. I have found that if I use my sense of touch it is pretty easy to avoid breakages. When you feel increased resistance in the wood, back up a little and change the angle of your pressure. A lot of artists agree with your Dad on using a knife to sharpen pencils of any type.

A good, sharp knife is ideal for getting a short, but very fine point on a colored pencil.

there's a reason erasers don't work on your heart

I have knife-sharpened pencils when the need arose and have to admit that no hand-held, mechanical, or electric sharpener I ever used got as fine a point on a pencil. Your email address will not be published. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.

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Notify me of new posts by email. Hand-Held Sharpeners The first sharpeners I ever used were hand-held sharpeners. Mechanical Sharpeners I currently use an old-fashioned crank sharpener by Apsco. Electric Sharpeners A few years ago, I had a battery operated, which made it ideal for working away from the studio. It used four AA batteries and had a good-sized, easy-to-empty shavings tray.

Click Erasers What I refer to as click erasers are similar to mechanical pencils.

What Is a Mistake in a Pen and Ink Drawing?

Here are my click erasers. Kneaded Eraser Kneaded erasers are pliable, which means you can shape them into various forms, roll them into points, or tear off pieces for small work. Electric Erasers My husband has a couple of old electric erasers that work extremely well with my colored pencils. Instead, I use mounting putty shown below, or transparent tape. Conclusion There you have it. My favorite colored pencil sharpeners and erasers.

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