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As a teacher, never compromise. As a man, always compromise. The teacher who compromises is an idiot; a person who does not compromise is an idiot. Because the teacher does not teach for himself, but for the higher consciousness. And higher consciousness will never compromise with lower consciousness. This is a straight law and that has to be considered as a law; that has to be observed as a law. It should be read only to understand how it works. You can't help the changes in life; they must come whether they are good or bad because the good must follow the bad and the bad must follow the good.

If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it. It is not easy; it is difficult, because you have to surmount the existence of whole maya and to recognize that God is by your side.

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Then you feel the humility. When you are not acting, you are dead. You act in sleep also. You act through dreams. In addition, Starr is possibly the best example of a humanitarian in YA fiction to date. Her character is constantly fighting the power structure and campaigning against oppression—something a true Aquarius would do.

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Pippi Longstocking by: Astrid Lidgren. Pippi Longstocking tells the tale of a young, parentless girl named Pippi Longstocking. Pippi is a rambunctious child with red hair and a freckled face. She also just so happens to possess the fascinating ability of super human strength.

The narrative begins when Pippi returns from traveling around the world by ship with her pet monkey and horse, and moves into a house all by herself. She then meets her neighbors, Annika and Tommy who instantly become her best friends. Throughout the novel we follow Pippi and her companions as they go on various adventures including an eventful trip to the circus. Aquarians are known for being outsiders yes, but more importantly, they are often considered to be eccentric—something Pippi excels at. From her appearance: bright red hair with upside down braids and two different stockings on either leg, to her actions: sleeping with her entire body under the covers with only her feet sticking out at one end: and her situation—parentless, living alone in a house all to her self, with the exception of a monkey and horse.

Our little protagonist is also super friendly and is even seen fighting bullies in one chapter.

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The Testing by: Joelle Charbonneau. The story takes place after the Seven Stages War has left much of the planet a charred wasteland. In order to enter the elite group though, candidates must first pass The Testing.

When Cia Vale is chosen as a Testing candidate, she is eager to prove her worthiness as a University student and future leader. The night before her departure however, her father gives some advice hinting towards a darker side of her upcoming studies—trust no one. In addition to all the previous traits I mentioned for Aquarians, this sign also has the tendency to be intelligent and open to new ideas and innovations.

The second half of this book features a Hunger Games-like scenario where the candidates are dropped off in a remote location of the country, and are left to their own devices.

The Testing checks pretty much all the boxes for the Aquarian individual. The story features intelligent characters who literally have to pass a test using their resources and intellect. It is set in a world where the planet is basically a giant dump and is dependent on those same characters to rebuild it—something only a true humanitarian would find interest in. Lastly, the plot features some futuristic technology which Aquarians just love. Legend by: Marie Lu.

Legend is a Young Adult dystopian novel by Marie Lu. The narrative takes place in a futuristic version of the western United States which is now known as the Republic. Legend follows the perspective of two characters: June, a military prodigy who comes from an elite family with money, and Day, the countries most wanted criminal who was born and raised in the slums. By the mids, Brautigan made it to San Francisco and was rescued by art, love and civilization.

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But the most important thing that happened to him in terms of art was that he attracted the attention of a major San Francisco poet, Jack Spicer. As Spicer did with several younger writers, he took the painfully shy, gawky, year-old Brautigan under his wing. Spicer, then in his early 30s, was a professional linguist at the University of California, Berkeley , an iconoclastic intellectual, a gay man, and a devoted drinker the last would account for his early death in , at age What Spicer detected in Brautigan was an imaginative kinship with those makers of magical mythologies, and a flair for the Edward Lear-like world of sober nonsense.

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Among the various political, cultural, and social experiments of the era, Brautigan was most drawn to the Diggers, a s group named for a 17th century movement of agrarian communists within the English Revolution. I read it in an electronic version on a Kindle and it felt like it was pages. At several points, I found myself griping, Gee, at this length, I could be reading Proust rather than the life story of a bad drunk. At first, I thought, Okay, no-nonsense California noir. But then it went on. And on.

Yes, okay, maggots do in fact infest unattended dead bodies.

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But it was soon evident that the first chapter was twice as long as it needed to be, overcrowded with a cast of dozens surrounding the decaying body, and swamped with TMI of every sort, a feature that characterizes much of the book. Relatives, close friends or even casual acquaintancess of Brautigan like myself? Or, rather I can understand. First, these days, the editorial offices of publishers are mainly empty of editors, given the state of the book business.

Or maybe somebody thought those scenes of Brautigan drunkenly shooting from the back porch, and even shooting up the house itself, acquired some readerly redeeming value upon repetition. Ultimately, though, the problem is biographical method. Since all of the facts are given equal weight, the point of any given episode tends to disappear. I saw Brautigan in Tokyo in spring