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Epub Mar Acute rhabdomyolysis caused by Spirulina Arthrospira platensis. Epub Apr Food Chem Toxicol. Epub Jun 9. First detection of anatoxin-a in human and animal dietary supplements containing cyanobacteria. Or as I mentioned before, check out Dr. Check these out and then make up your own mind. Personally, I find Kale to be cheaper and less harm inducing. Personally know of someone who was a spirulina user who developed Parkinsons. I would also be careful with that one. My understanding Of the issue is that some spirulina and chlorella supplements can be contaminated with a neurotoxin that grows in the same water as the algae.

Where do vegetarians get protein?

You have to buy from reputable brands who ensure there is no contamination in their product. I use Organic Traditions after having spoken to their quality control manager. I just recently found your blog and signed up for the e-course. It has been really helpful, but this blog has, so far, been the most helpful!

We had already cut it down in our lives over the past few years to only at dinner, and in the past few months to only 3 or so times a week. This is a great breakdown for beginners, too. I have read in the China Study that most people only need 55 to 60 grams of protein a day, and I saw the formula for calculating what an individual needs. My husband and I have been consistently losing weight as we have changed our diet. He has lost over 40lbs! He was originally at and is now at I have lost 21lbs from to Calculating by body weight, I should be eating 64grams of protein a day and he should be eating grams of protein a day, but if we are aiming to get to our ideal weights for our body sizes mine being to , his being to should we be consuming the amount of protein for our current weights or the weights we are aiming for?

Thanks so much in advance for any thoughts you have on this. Feel free to e-mail me personally or comment back here. While I fully admit it is way beyond my understanding, I read that some researchers and scientists feel the data was misinterpreted and the conclusions therefore incorrect. I am not a scientist, so I could not sort out the errors. Hello, Higher Protein diets are effective in helping to reduce weight. I would keep up with the protein needed for your body weight. As you lose weight just adjust the protein percentage.

Good Luck. Cassie JS. Thats not true. A calorie deficit helps you lose weight, nothing else. Great breakdown.

7 Reasons I Never Went Vegan

I had never really given protein much thought I am in the camp that we are being sold a line of BS about protein , but I have to say, my calculation gets me to 66 grams of protein a day and that still seems like an awful lot. I switched to a plant based diet due to many food restrictions after major weight loss and gallbladder removal.

I was having a hard time running and feeling like my muscles were tired right from the start of each run. I now aim for around 85g a day. I love Vega it had really helped get in the protein. Thanks for the other great ideas. Simple, basic, to the point — I love it!

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Thanks for this! A useful post, thank you. A pounder might not find this difficult, but given your formula, I need to consume about grams of protein per day. I almost never reach that mark.

Which begs the question, should we really be talking about some fraction of total weight or lean body mass total weight — fat? I mean, does the fat need to be its share of protein?

I have read that the real mark is lean body mass, not actual weight. Any thoughts? This left various equations, like BMI, which is worthless for the old, young, very short, very tall or athletes. Eventually, I found some method the military uses. I wish he would have emphasized this…but it is. Toooooo complicated! Give me some quick sample menus for the day for the pound person.

One sedentary, one regular and one athlete. He gives tables of how much protein is in different foods per serving, and while he talks a lot about meat, I got a lot of good info and non-meat protein sources and how much of it to eat and when to eat. Some people need things spoon fed to them. Why would you just have to eat lentils?? There are dozens and dozens of other foods high in protein. Plus ALL foods contain protein.

Try tracking your foods on myfitnesspal to see how easy it is. My calculation shows that I need 75 grams of protein per day. I am a runner and am now increasing my distances. Last year my longest run was 7 miles, and now this year I am running around 12 miles for my long run.

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Figuring out the eating gets my head spinning! So glad this blog is out there to help!

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Like spinach, for instance, has 5g in one cup. I had my first raw vegan protein shake today actually first protein shake of my life. What a thrill! It was not so yummy, but the rush I got, running the my veins made me feel more alive.

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Quite amazing! Our son recommended I try riding a bike instead so I asked for one for Christmas. Again, out of concern about my riding alone, my husband decided to get one, also, and ride with me. Congrats to both you and your husband! I love hearing stories about people taking control of their health. Yay for you!

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Happy running! Patty, you and your husband are rock stars!

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Well done to you both! You should ask Matt to write a full post on the site. You are a true testament to what a healthy lifestyle can do for people. That is so wonderful!! Your story is very inspiring, and I love hearing stories about husband and wife teams getting healthy together.

My husband and I have lost 72lbs together, and we are still going. Thank you for sharing! Congrats to both of you! Your story is so inspiring and uplifting! I wish you and your husband a long happy healthy life together! Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing!!! I suggest everyone give it a shot!