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Demystifying China: Understanding China's Maritime Territorial Claim to the The PRC and Taiwan base their claims on China's historical.

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Your legacy is continually built long after you die and are rotting away in your grave. You can die peacefully knowing that your knowledge is being used to make the world a better place and see the human species live on. Sharing your knowledge gives your life meaning and that is far more valuable than monetizing it.

Holding onto knowledge might make you money, but money only leads to achievement, not fulfillment. Giving your knowledge away creates joy, and joy leads to fulfillment. Create a meaning for your life by sharing your knowledge. Sign in. Get started.

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Tim Denning Follow. Sharing Your Knowledge Creates Opportunity The way you create opportunities in your life is by sharing what you know, not keeping it for yourself.


If the lady that reached out to me shared her knowledge in a room full of her colleagues, someone in that room could have done the following: Hired her because of what they learned from her experience Introduced her to a future client Recommended her for a job Been a blind reference to someone doing background checks on her The knowledge you have acquired and your ability to demonstrate it becomes part of the way people see you and the opportunities they share with you. Knowledge Is Easily Accessed Whatever knowledge and experience you have, it is probably not that unique. A Word on Monetizing Knowledge Locking your knowledge behind a payment page is not how you monetize what you know.

Knowledge is the gateway to where the real value lies: in the execution. Sharing Your Knowledge Gives Your Life Meaning Back to the original headline of this article: would you prefer to die with your knowledge or have someone be inspired by it who takes your knowledge and helps it live on beyond your physical existence? Better Marketing Follow.

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See responses 9. A would be 'Wise Man' who sits contemplating his navel on some windswept Himalayan crag cannot be considered wise until he is joined by one or more others who will certify his words as wise. Unless or until that exchange happens the guru is no different from the unheard sound of a falling tree. Has it indeed made a sound?

Wisdom that comes with aging must be shared and replenished

Who Needs It? It would follow that those of us who have acquired a modicum of wisdom are obliged to share it. The question is: with whom? If those most in need are those most lacking in wisdom, the younger generation in general and teenagers in particular would seem the preferred recipients.

But as any wise man or woman well knows, teenagers have an aversion, something approaching a psychological allergy to any information especially in the form of advice coming from anyone over thirty. Whether or not this is evidence of Nature's contrariness or a cultural aberration, there are ways to lower teenagers' resistance. These ways have to do with packaging: the manner and means of sharing.

In primitive societies, elders held regularly scheduled counsels with the tribe's pubescent members. Collective wisdom was inculcated by means of formal ritual and informal strolls in the forest. The closest our modern society comes to fostering similar associations are mentorship programs sponsored by do-gooding organizations like churches, service clubs, civic groups, and ethnic assemblies of one sort or another.

Sharing the Wisdom of Time by Pope Francis

These are good as far as they go. Trouble is, they don't go far enough. The extant mentorship programs seldom reach the young people most in need and most at-risk: inner city youth. Their need to belong and be counted is filled by run-amok gangs whose savage ethos have turned our urban centers into howling jungles.

Misguided welfare programs encourage poverty-level fathers to go AWOL creating a values vacuum of such proportions that even the most ambitious mentorship program would seem to be an exercise in futility.

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But a journey of a thousand miles must begin with the first step. That step might just be a supplement to the standard juvenile probation procedures now in place at various detention centers; an outreach effort initiated by a caring cadre of community elders. The program might work like this: When a young offender is released from custody on probation, he or she is assigned a volunteer mentor with whom the probationer is required, on penalty of being sent back to the Detention Center, to spend a minimum amount of time with -- say a half a day a week.

This time would not be used in preaching, teaching, or any other kind of advice-giving. The elder's function, in the beginning, would be less an advisor and more a nonjudgmental listener a role requiring a great deal of wisdom! In most cases, these troubled teens are not going to be too forthcoming; probably they'll resent like hell these mandatory sessions. It may take many weeks, maybe months, before there is any kind of relationship with enough trust to encourage the teenager to solicit the elder's opinion.

Our least valuable possessions, on the other hand, are those which, when divided, are diminished. William H. Danforth Motivational "Never assume you know it all. Ask and seek help, most people will fall over themselves to share their skills. You share. Clement Stone Thanksgiving Common knowledge might be shared by many people, but there is no knowledge that dangles unattached to any subject. Unlike water or gold, knowledge always belongs to someone. Jennifer Nagel, Knowledge: A Very Short Introduction Knowledge I believe that the greatest crime is to learn something that can significantly benefit other people, yet share it with no one.

God wants me to.

Life Lessons From 100-Year-Olds

I feel better about myself. Others need, and I have. I want to share. It's only right. Deepak Chopra Giving Life is filled with treasures, if you're a lucky one. Be grateful and be humble, and share them with someone. Vanessa Nanthakumaran, Poems Life Is Beautiful Quotes I believe that when things are a mess, we need others to know what we are thinking, feeling, or doing. We must share our feelings with people who will not reprimand us for our thoughts.

How Do You Prepare – How Do You Respond? Wisdom of Sundays

We need to share these feelings with someone who will encourage us to move forward. Chris Willard, Contagious Generosity Generosity "We are not cisterns made for hoarding, we are channels made for sharing. The only riches that last are the ones that are given away. David Khalil Blessed "Educators can and should establish networks to share practices, access experts, and solve problems.