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Always Watching Elite Guardians Book 1. The ruthless queen was portrayed fantastically and the plot twist of Lief was shocking! I loved Twyllas character and at times felt very empathetic towards her. The whole story line was unique and the character descriptions throughout were brilliant. I was left wanting more at the end and I was hooked throughout. I would definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone. I enjoyed this book much more than I thought I would and was fascinated by the whole concept of the story.

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I thought the plot was unique and intriguing but got frustrated that Twylla was so slow to work things out! I felt very bad for the prince as he seemed so fair and honourable and just wanted the best for everyone and Twylla let him down. Overall, I thought this book was cleverly plotted and I did enjoy reading it. The Queen thinks that being cursed justifies the cruelty that she uses to get her own way and is a fascinating character. I was very surprised by the ending and I hope that Twylla chooses the prince in the next book as he seems to love her for herself.

I really enjoyed this riveting story.

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The plot is thrilling, the characters are interesting and the description is vivid. I felt really close to Twylla as she tried to work out who could be trusted. After a slow start, this book just got better and better. I found it easy to relate to Twylla and her situation and I loved how the story ended on a cliff-hanger. I thought this was an amazing story. Although it was purely fantasy, I found it very believable because of the strong characters and wonderful descriptions which made me feel I was there. I thought the plot was totally original and I loved it!

I thought this book had a great plot and I loved all the detail of the political relationships between the various kingdoms that is so important to this story. I loved the setting which is a bit how I imagine our Middle Ages to have been. I thought the character of the Queen was brilliant. The only fly in the ointment was the totally unexpected, confusing and disappointing ending. A book that gripped me right from the start and took me into a world I could believe in. The concept of a different world steeped in tradition like our own, with ceremonies to mark rites of passage, was a great idea.

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I found each character very believable, especially the queen who was a complicated, driven and convincing person. However, I felt that this book had one flaw. This is a brilliant plot twist and totally in keeping with her scheming character. This disappointed me because I liked the realism of the queen deceiving a superstitious population and now it seems that we have to believe in fantasy after all.

A gripping novel, this book had a bit of everything, including the scarier section about the sleeping prince. I also loved the sense of mystery and the way that the reader uncovered each deception alongside Twylla. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.