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Pacific Northwest Movies We Love: Harry & The Hendersons

Fox Animal Hospital sees dogs and cats who need help. But, can the vets fix them? Tony and Dr. Ross visit a rescue puppy in need.

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Tony helps a pig with overgrown tusks and Dr. Ross prepares to audition for a music producer.

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A stoned dog is rushed to the clinic after eating a bag of marijuana. A pot-bellied pig rescue has plus-sized problems, and Natalia's mum meets the family.

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  • This overly sentimental comedy from Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment resembles a watered-down, terrestrial remake of ET. It's a rehash of the old "innocent monster versus savage and uncaring civilisation" tract, in which a Seattle family adopts America's answer to the abominable snowman and suffers the ludicrous consequences while trying to keep it a secret from the neighbours. It's even cosier and cutesier than the Spielberg norm, which is perhaps the reason why it became a short-lived TV sitcom.

    Harry And The Hendersons (DVD)

    The saving grace is seven-foot-two-inch actor Kevin Peter Hall the alien in Predator opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger , who works miracles in Chewbacca drag as Harry the Missing Link, and his endearingly emotive face is the one pure joy to behold in this altogether mushy affair. Summary A hapless family's camping holiday in the mountains is brought to a sudden end when they accidentally hit the legendary Bigfoot with their car.

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    They decide to adopt the endearing creature, but have more trouble than expected trying to keep him concealed and to avoid arousing their neighbours' suspicions. Nancy Henderson Melinda Dillon.

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    Sarah Henderson Margaret Langrick. Ernie Henderson Joshua Rudoy.

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    • Wrightwood and his old truck. LaFleur gives chase and eventually catches up with the Henderson family. Fleeing to the mountains of Washington state, George tries to make Harry leave, going so far as to hit Harry. Confused and upset, Harry does not leave, allowing LaFleur to catch up to them.

      Through George's faith and Harry's kindness, LaFleur changes his mind and decides that Harry deserves to live peacefully. As the family says goodbye, George thanks Harry for all he has done for the family and tells him to take care of himself to which Harry replies "OK" his first spoken words. As Harry leaves, several other Sasquatches appear from their hiding places and also disappear in the wilderness with him much to the amazement of the Hendersons.

      Harry and the Hendersons

      When Dr. There's alwaysLoch Ness. The response from critics was mixed.

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      The album begins with the film version of "Love Lives On," which has a flute solo rather than the guitar heard on the single and on the soundtrack album. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].